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Insurgent - Veronica Roth

 2 Stars, don’t bother


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First Impression: Unremarkable


I hate it when books in series don’t take time to reintroduce the characters to you. I waited a long time between the first and second book and couldn’t remember everyone. This book just drops you back in and I found that annoying.


I liked the first one in the series ok,   3.5 Stars but boy this one just was bad. You are dropped right back in with no reintroduction and there isn’t much description of anything. I found this insipid and lame. Ugh, its a DNF but I read 25% so I felt it fair to give it a rating. I am NOT going to read the third one in the series. This series doesn’t even come close to The Hunger Games or Bone Season or Red Rising. I highly recommend skipping this one if you like young adult books. Ugh. I hate wasting time on bad books.