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Y: The Last Man, Volume 7: Paperdolls

Y: The Last Man, Vol. 7: Paper Dolls - Brian K. Vaughan

5 Stars, buy it


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I’m sad that I think there is only three more volumes of this series. I really love it.



Overall, very good comic. Love the art, love the story. Highly recommended but not much to say other than the few notes I took.


Seriously amused that Yorrick is hiding in a burka in the first chapter or story. Also in story 1, Yorrick is allowed one day to look for his finance in Australia. Story two: not much happens until the end when Yorrick’s mother is shot. Chapter three:  Yorrick’s sister meets up with a Beth (not THE Beth) to deliver a letter from Yorrick. Beth is super pregnant with a girl. Chapter 4: Several pieces of 355’s past. I can’t remember what happened to the monkey but I miss it!! Hope it comes back soon. Chapter 5: We learn about Ampersands (the monkeys) past and a little about Yorrick and what he did immediately after the plague hit.