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Family Portraits (Issue 3)

Family Portraits Issue 3 - Sam Orchard

4 Stars, buy it


Kickstarter Comic (Which means I donated to kickstarter campaign)


The first issue in this series was really amazing.  The second two, it seemed to have lost something. However, I still think it’s really good at portraying what GLBT people are going through, in particular this issue transgender.    Overall, the series is really good at helping people who are not GLBT understand what struggles GLBT people go through. Very glad I helped supported the kickstarter campaign.


I love the art and I love the characters. But I feel like some of the stories need to be fleshed out a little more. Cover: I really like the screaming child on the cover of this issue. Amusing.



Tika Tonu- I’m guessing this is Japanese? Not really sure what this was. There’s a translation later so I will add more when I see that.


Queen’s Honours- An interlude with Sam and his partner. About a gay day in New Zealand I believe.


Sam’s Story-  I really like the talking rainbow


The Escape- (Sissy Asskick’s Story) - A weird little story about butchy lesbians on rollar blades.


I’m a Boy- Sam’s Story- Short little story on how Sam deals with transitioning from female to male


My Name is- Rewi’s Story- another transexual story


Trans/Sexual- Sam’s Story- A story about labels


A Poultry Tail- An extra little Comic- strange story about a chicken- A little weird being in this comic