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Family Portraits (Issue 2)

Family Portraits Issue 2 - Sam Orchard

4 Stars, Buy it


Kickstarter comic.


I like the fact that GLBT terms that are known to the GLBT community are defined here just in case you don’t know.  I really like this series, but the first issue in the series was much better than this one. That being said, I still really enjoyed this.  I’m sad that there is only one more issue to read. Maybe more issues will be kickstarted?


Plot/Storyline summarys:


I’m Not a Tom (Tracey’s Story)- Not a fan of the art style in this one but the story is good.


My Family (Sam’s Story) - Where we are re introduced to Sam (from Issue One. Sam is author illustrator)


Little Bear (A Comic for my friend)- A friend of the author committed suicide and this is a story for him- Not really sure what the point of this was but like the art


On Sadness- a little interlude on Sams life. Beautiful art and beautiful story. Love.

One Day (William and Albert’s Story)- Sweet story of a couple who have a long life together