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Pearls Falls Fast

Pearls Falls Fast: A Pearls Before Swine Treasury - Stephan Pastis

5 Stars, BUY IT.


Self purchase, paperback then switched to Kindle version.


Minor Spoilers


OMG I finally finished this. I think I’ve been working on this for like 4 months. OY.  But it was fun. And I loved it.I don’t normally have time to read the strips in the newspapers so I get the books when they come out. Sometimes it takes awhile to read them because its so nice to just pick up and read a few when you have 5 minutes.   I Love Pastis running commentary in the treasuries which is why I wait for those instead of the individual collections.  As a side note, I was introduced to this series via Netgalley.


Love the Lil Guard Duck!  I love the strop on page 18 where rat gives “talking with simpletons and idiots” for lent. Ha.  Ok the cha cha strip pun on page 39 is so bad it’s good. Laugh out loud. Though I want to smack Pastis.   Have I mentioned, I LOVE THE CROCODILES?!!??!!  The poop joke on page 50 is cute and funny. Boys never grow out of poop jokes do they?


Pg 56. Pig socks Rat!!! OMG That is so awesome!! Rat gets socked. Hysterical. Pg 57 The crocs want to eat Muppets. I literally snorted. Also at about 61% in Goat smashes rat over the head. AWESOME.


Love the tribute to Steve Jobs. Although I wasn’t a fan of Bil Keane- the creator of family circus- because he was a Christian crazy, I did read some of the strips and enough to enjoy the tribute to him.


Despite being a fan of Sesame Street (Hey, I have a four year old) I did enjoy the strips that poked fun of it. And of Mr. Rogers which is actually closer to my heart. My fur did get a little ruffeled at the Mr. Rogers making fun of.

Love, love LOVE the Mutts cross overs. Mutts is my other favorite comics. Actually I do love all the cross overs. They are too funny. Also love the Mice and Men strip which is at about 81% in. I do not like the silly Elly Elephant strips which rat writes.