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National Geographic Kids: Pandas!

National Geographic Readers: Pandas - Anne Schreiber


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So this is another series of kids books that I feel like reading and reviewing. However, unlike the Look and Learn series, I am actually willing to pay for these because they are put out by National Geographic.  I’ve previously reviewed the one on Meerkats and this will be the second one, Pandas.   You really can’t compare the Look and Learn which is basically crap pulled together from the internet. National Geographic kids books are well put together, graphic designing is actually done and the photos are not pixalated.  There are even some cute jokes:” Why can’t panda’s walk on their back legs? Because they are not wearing any bamboots”- LOL.  Also, they do talk a little about red pandas which is awesome because I find those adorable too. Strong on facts and they define harder words for kids.  Seriously I do recommend the National Geographic kid series books. They are extremely well done and relatively cheap.

Did you know?

Pandas can not stand on their hind legs like other bears

Pandas are great tree climbers

The next one in the series I plan on reviewing is National Geographic Kids Safari