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Girl Genius Omnibus 1 (vls 1-3)

Girl Genius Omnibus Volume One: Agatha Awakens - 'Phil Foglio',  'Kaja Foglio'

5 Stars, but it


Self purchase for Kindle.


First Impression:  I think I’m going to love this.


Volume 1: The Beetleburg Clank: In which Agatha Clay causes chaos.


Volume 2: The Airship City: Agatha Clay is kidnapped and meets new people in her new surroundings. Chaos continues. Also, includes a mini side story, not really sure what that is about, I found it confusing as I was dropped into the middle of a story.I love Agatha Clay’s character, she is hysterical even if portrayed a bit slutty.  The trolls or whatever the things are (Jagermonsters?) are so flipping hard to understand even when you try to read it outloud. Agatha Clay seems to end up in her underwear a lot. Also love the surprise talking cat.


Volume 3: The Monster Engine:  The dialogue can be a little on the cheesy side, but instead of it being annoying, its rather funny. The pace is really fast and can be hard to follow sometimes.


Complaints:  Forced to read in landscape form and two pages at a time. It makes for hard reading. I’m hoping that maybe the non omnibus versions aren’t in this format. Agatha Clay’s boobs look like they’re implants


Overall this is a great steampunk graphic novel. Finally steampunk I really do like instead of should like but don’t.  Agatha Clay’s character is adorable and fun. The talking cat is great and all of the other characters are pretty funny too. Even the supposed bad guys.  Because an omnibus volume 2 isn’t available, I bought the pdf versions of volume 4-6 to read soon. Can’t wait, this was a lot of fun. Highly recommend.