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Battle (The House War, #5)

Battle: The House War: Book Five - Michelle West

Star Rating: 3.5 Stars. Borrow it, but if you love the series buy it.


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For the most part this series blows me away. In particular, the writing is just so beautifully done. This series as well done as the Sun Sword series is and is a continuation of Jewel’s life. I LOVE Jewel. I Love her den. The politics of these books hurt my head but I love it.  Ugh. I just suffered through two enormous chapters of dream sequences and it hurt my head.   Also, OMG I SOOO want the Library with the bookshelves that are growing from tree limbs and the purple sky. SOOO want that!!!   There are some fantastic quotes listed below if you are interested.


The problem with this series is that its so damned hard to follow. This was the worst in the series in that it was so convoluted and vague that 90% of the time I didn’t understand what the bloody hell was going on.  Most of the series is this way part of the time, but this book it just didn’t end and it drove me freaking crazy.  I ended up just skimming the few percentages of the book because I couldn’t stand it anymore. I just want to read something else. But I HAD to know what happened to Jewel and if there is an opening for more books in this world. And yes, there has to be more that happens. I don’t know if it’s another in this series or if in a new series about Jewel but I can’t believe Michelle West would leave us hanging like this over what happens to Ellerson and Carver.




“If I recall correctly, the cats are not suitable as either guards or servants; Far too cheeky.”

“Jewel turned, slowly, to stare at the gray winged difficulty-” This just about killed me.

“She told herself firmly that there were many, many things worse than a bored cat. There weren’t, however, many things as irritating.”