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Lions! Look and Learn

Lions! Learn About Lions and Enjoy Colorful Pictures - Look and Learn! (50+ Photos of Lions) - Becky Wolff

4 Stars


Overall, one of the better ones in the series because there were lots of good facts. Pictures are small, really small in some cases in this book. However, still a useful version of this series. Some facts:   Less than 2,000 lions live in Africa today- this fact makes me really sad as I’m a big animal lover.  The Swahili word for lion is Simba. I knew this, I had a beloved cat whom i named Simba. I still miss him dearly.

Did you know?


Female lions do more of the hunting then the males (I knew this and it figures doesn’t it?)

Lions are the laziest of all the big cats, they sleep 16-20 hours a day

Lions roars can be heard up to 5 miles away (WOW!)

A full grown male lion can weigh up to 550 pounds

A lion can’t roar until it’s about 2 years old (I did not know that)

Lions are afraid of porcupines (weird but interesting fact)

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