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The End Times of Bram & Ben

The End Times of Bram & Ben - James Asmus;Jim Festante

Overall 1.5 Stars

Star Rating Art: 2 Stars

Star Rating Story: 1 Star


Netgalley Review. (Reviewing on Iphone) Did not finish.


First Impression: Funny, but the art for the characters isn’t all that.


Art/Colors: The drawing is almost like they sketched it as fast as they humanly could and didn’t bother with the details. The people look weird.


Characters: The characters are rather painful. Stereotypical single sloppy men. Ben is seriously whiney and annoying and Bram is just a jerk.


Writing: The plot is that suddenly a bunch of people disappear. No explanation.  The writers are obviously men with stupid ass lines like this: “Don’t worry! I’ll be all over these two like sores on whores.”- Could we try something less crass and more original?


Overall: I’m abandoning this at 30 pages in. Seriously, unless you are a guy, you are not going to like this.  It’s rather lame. NO Depth to the story. Just guys being stupid. Oy. The one thing I did like was that it pokes fun at religion.


Quotes: “I teach children with special needs for a living Bram, and you are the most retarded person i’ve ever met.” While I think this quote is funny,  I do try very hard not to use the word retarded anymore. It’s just not nice. It would have been better received if another word had been used.


(Talking about the missing people) “Oh Philip! You’re so Naive! Glenn Beck said it was chinese satellite lasers controlled by George Soros.”


BBB: Bomb it

Rating 1 ½ stars