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Cleopatra in Space #1: Target Practice

Cleopatra in Space #1: Target Practice - Mike Maihack

4.5 Stars


Star Rating Art:  4 Stars

Star Rating Story: 5 Stars


Netgalley Review


Really cute graphic novel of a young Cleopatra. Amusing. She has all the normal teenager problems plus the possibility of having to be a Queen. She has a friend, a young boy named Gozi who is also a troublemaker.  Cleopatra ends up in the future, in space. Enter talking cats. How can you go wrong with talking cats? The turquoise and pink kitty like creatures are adorable.  The art is cute and good and I really like it but is not super fantastic.  However I found the story to be really enjoyable and a lot of fun. ? . A great young girl “Cleo” kicking ass in the future. Can’t wait for the second one.  I highly recommend it if you like young adult graphic novels.

Originality:  Extremely original. A little goofy but I like it.