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Batman: Hush - Scott A. Williams, Jeph Loeb, Jim Lee

4 Stars


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First Impression:  Dark colors, nice art though very inky.


Very confused as to what is going on in parts.  Batman has his ass kicked and the Huntress rides to his rescue.  It is made to look like Bruce Wayne was in a terrible car crash.  Batman is Hunting the Croc who has broken out of Arkum Asylum. Batman ends up kissing Catwoman. Chapter Four, you learn that Bruce Wayne and chilhood friend Tommy ended up seeing Green Lantern while they were visiting Metropolis.  Lois Lane makes an appearance and they make her stupid. I’m pretty sure a reporter could spell the word therapist.  And there is a litteral cat fight between cat woman and poison ivy. Amusing. And chapter X ends on a cliffhanger of sorts: Poison Ivy has taken control of Superman.  I also am giving up on which chapter is what. The numbering is confusing me. Chapter X: I’m glad they told me that Catwoman does not know Bruce Wayne is batman, I kind of assumed she did.  In anycase Bruce and Selena go to the Opera where another favorite character appears: Harlequin (technically Joker’s girlfriend but we all know she belongs with Poison Ivy. This chapter (whatever the number) I am liking more than the others. AW CRAP. This got really good now. Joker’s arrived. Should have seen that coming but didn’t. Jim Gordon prevents Batman from killing Joker.  And holy crap. Batman reveals he is Bruce to Catwoman.   I’m not going to go into everything because honestly it had so many misdirections that I got confused. And of course at the end Batman can’t continue with a relationship with Catwoman.  


Art/Colors:  Love how Poison Ivy looks in this volume. I like the what I assume is watercolor art for the flashback sequences. I don’t like how Alfred is drawn, too young and too something but I can’t tell you what it is.

Overall very good but both at the beginning and the ending of the volume I got confused but I still really enjoyed it.