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Monsters! & Other Stories

Monsters! & Other Stories - Gustavo Duarte, Sierra Hahn Monster and Other Stories Star Rating Art:  2 Stars
Star Rating Story:  2 Stars
Netgalley review.
First Impression: Wow this is strange.
Art/Colors: Weird off white, black and bluish grey.:
Co!- First story: a drunk, pigs and aliens.  What the heck am I reading?? Seriously. Chickens are also thrown in. wtf is this???? Glad I didn't pay for this. No text, just images.
Birds- They might want to rename this section angry birds. Death makes and appearance.
I had to give up after starting the second story.  I just really didn’t like this. Also, it was kinda hard to tell what was going on in some of the pictures and since there wasn’t text you had no clue what was going on sometimes.  Basically, unless you like really, really weird comic style graphics, I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone.