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Elephants! Look and Learn

Elephants! Learn About Elephants and Enjoy Colorful Pictures - Look and Learn! (50+ Photos of Elephants) - Becky Wolff

2 stars

I LOVE elephants.  I love how they are matriarchal. I love how they love each other. They are incredibly smart. This “book” is not. Oy.  The pictures of the elephants are small and hard to see.  Most are rather boring. There is one of a close up of a trunk which i liked, but it too was small. This look and learn repeats a few facts as well. Overall I knew most of the stuff in it, but really it was another half assed attempt at a book.  One quote that irritates me: :” Elephants have large, thin ears.” You don’t say? Even for a kids book, this is rather lame. Seriously, did the author even try??


Did you know?


An adult elephant needs to drink about 210 liters of water a day

Elephants often caress and touch

The trunk of an elephant has about 150,000 muscles

It takes about 22 months for a baby elephant to develop inside it’s

Elephants do not leave the weak or old behind