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The Elsewhere Chronicles: The Shadow Door

The Shadow Door - Nykko, Bannister, Carol Klio Burrell, Corentin Jaffré

Star Rating Art:   5 Stars

Star Rating Story: 4.5 Stars


Overal: 4.5 Stars


Self Purchase, paperback


First Impression: Love the art. Impressed that a character is African American.


Love this. Love the art, and the story is fantastic. The only issue I have is that in some parts the text is a bit confusing and you don’t quite understand what is going on. However when you get to the end you realize this is a translation, so maybe some of the confusing text is something that got lost or translated oddly.   Anyway, in this start to this series, a group of kids go exploring one of their grandfathers houses. Somehow two kids get transported to a different world.   I highly recommend this if you like young adult graphic novels. Can’t wait to read the next one in the series.