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Sherlock, Lupin and Me

The Dark Lady (Sherlock, Lupin, and Me #1) - Irene Adler, Iacopo Bruno, Chris Turner

Star Rating:  3 Stars


Netgalley Review


First Impression:  A bit average. Nothing spectacular so far. Rather unexciting.


A sort of cute story about Sherlock Holmes as a kid, his first girl friend and a friend called Lupin. After a slow start, the story picks up when they find a dead body.

I realize this is supposed to take place a long time ago, but the way the two boys (Sherlock and Lupin) treat Irene is a little annoying, like she’s just some little girl.  I like Irene well enough, she’s cute but a little boring. Lupin is also boring. Sherlock holmes is portrayed as kind of mean and I never thought of him that way. Some other people might like this book, but honestly I just didn’t care about the people, and the story was really uninteresting.