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Mara, Volume 1

Mara TP - Ming Doyle

Overall: 4 Stars

Star Rating Art: 3.5 Stars

Star Rating Story: 4  Stars


Netgalley Review


First Impression:  Not sure what to make of this so far. Art is ok.


Hm. Interesting beginning. I’m not a sports person but this is definitely intriguing.  One really strange issue. The main character is portrayed on the cover of the graphic novel as a white woman.  However, when you read the graphic novel she is portrayed as darker skinned. Her race isn’t stated, she could be Indian or African American or many other races.  Why in gods name would you portray the woman on the cover as white when she isn’t?? Are we still so insanely racist that people  wouldn’t pick up a graphic novel without a lily white character on the front??  This really bothers me that the company feels it’s necessary to do this.


Art needs a little work. I feel like the Mara’s facial expressions don’t change much. The color scheme is rather boring.


Mara is definitely fascinating. And how she is treated once her super powers manifest is probably exactly what would happen if this could really happen. The writers sort of imply that she is a lesbian, which totally rocks, but I wish they’d stop being so scared of making a character gay and just let it be natural.

The story is strong and the writing is as well. I will definitely want to read more. But seriously, the cover thing pisses off my liberal sensibilities. I highly recommend to the company they redesign the cover.