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Jellaby: The Lost Monster

Jellaby: The Lost Monster - Kean Soo

4.5 Stars


Netgalley Review


First Impression:  I’m liking the light purple, black and white coloring. Has the same feel as Owly only this has some dialogue and Owly has none.  It has the look of that light purple colored ink on paper we had ages ago when I was a kid. Can’t for the life of me remember what that stuff is called.

A very cute little story about a young girl named Portia (LOVE the name) who finds a monster who she names Jellaby  There is some back story that Portia’s father is missing. I’m hoping in future volumes it is explained. But it makes for some sad moment. Very juicy and sweet. Less sweet than Owly but I still loved this.  I look forward to reading more.