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Y: The Last Man: Safeword

Y: The Last Man, Vol. 4: Safeword - Brian K. Vaughan, Pia Guerra, Goran Parlov, José Marzán Jr.


Star Rating Art: 4 Stars

Star Rating Story: 4 Stars


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First Impression: Seems as good as the previous volumes.

Things open up normally but quickly take a strange turn. Anxiety rising. Love Ampersand and his name.  Not a lot of forward progress. The angry women are getting old. Have to wonder if the writter has Mommy issues. That is not supposed to be a slam on Vaughn, I think he’s a fantastic writer and love his stuff. I just wonder why the women are all angry bitches.  But that being said, it’s still a great story. Ends on a minor twist so I’m definitely interested to see where this goes.

Oh, some hysterical quotes, see below.


Warnings: Male rape scene. More than one.


This quote killed me Yorrick:”Hold On, her codename is seriously 711? Man, How many guys used to ask if she’s open all night?”

“Yes, well, I suppose we can add Gaydar to the extraordinary Number of common senses you seem to lack.” by 355

“Lady, David Lynch’s dreams weren’t this weird.”-Yorrick