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Fables Vol. 13: The Great Fables Crossover - 'Bill Willingham',  'Matthew Sturges' Out of all of the issues combined into this volume, the first one was my favorite and I feel like they all went down hill after that. As usual the art was great, but the story annoyed me this time.

I loved that Bigby gets a talking too from Snow in the first issue. In the second of nine stories I felt really confused as to what was going on. By the 3rd part, I finally figured out that the Fables world was being rewritten. Bigby is turned into a chimp which is amusing. I was curious to see where this was going but I was disappointed. The lettering for when Jack is rewritting the story is annoying and hard to read. I don't know if its like that in the paper copy but on Kindle it was hard to read.

Story 4- Realized I'm confused with too many people named Jack. In Story 5, I loved the quote "Please don't poop on me again Mr. Bigby." Bigby is turned into a donkey, elephant and a little girl. While amusing, not really much point to it. By story 6, I'm still confused. Story 7, boring. Story 8 I felt was scatterbrained, though the listing of the characters was useful. At this point I was waiting for this volume to be over because I was basically bored although there were amusing moments. I was also missing the regular characters. The final story was a lame ending. Hoping the next volume is better.