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Batgirl Vol. 3: Death of the Family (The New 52) - Gail Simone Star Rating Art: 3 Stars
Star Rating Story: 4 Stars

Netgalley Review

First Impression: Looking good.

Wish I knew more about Batgirl, but I apparently know just enough to understand what is going on. I don’t know who Batgirl’s brother is or what he has to do with anything. SPOILERS: Barbara is almost forced into marrying the Joker. Again for the record, Joker is a sick F$@K. Again, wish I knew about James and Batgirls history as brother and sister. I must admit seeing the same scene from different points of view interesting. But if I end up reading all of these, it may get a little boring. I did get a bit confused as to why it switched to Batman’s point of view with a scene where there wasn’t batgirl. Definitely can’t compare this to Batman Court of Owls and Death in the family. Just not in the same league. It definitely gets better as the story goes on.

Art/Colors: Is the art computer drawn instead of by hand? Hard to tell on e-copy on iphone. Don’t like how Comissioner Gordan drawn

Praises: It’s always nice to have a good female superhero. HOLY CRAMOLI (SPOILER) I did not see that coming. Wow!! The pretty roomate is transgender. Not many transgender people in comics.

Cover:Is totally awesome.


“You don’t work for me. But I wouldn’t advise making me angry, either” Comissioner Gordon
“Most action I’ve seen in months and it has to be a Hail Mary desperation ploy. I might need to look at my priorities” Batgirl
“Now Please, For the love all things Furry, get in the car.”-Catwoman