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Gunnerkrigg Court, Vol. 4: Materia - Thomas Siddell Received this as a netgalley comic to review. I should also state for the record, I haven’t read any of the previous volumes or the webcomic. I did read a little bit about it on Wikipedia, so I have a general idea of what it’s about. I really enjoyed this so I will definitely get the previous volumes and this one in Print. Love the art, especially the bright colors. Font is hard to read, at least on iPhone.

I got this as an electronic copy, and was annoyed because I thought it didn’t download correctly as there are 5 black pages after the cover. Fortunately, I kept looking and found the comic did indeed download.

Chapter 32- Cute and amusing. I like the art and the story so far is good. I like Kat (and she is SOOO a lesbian!), probably more than the main girl Annie. Of course this could all change. This issue is about Annie and Kat fighting because of stuff that went on in previous issues. Thanks to Wikipedia for helping me learn about the characters.

Chapter 33- Annie and Kat are trying to figure out how robots work. Kat is able to get an old Robot to work

Chapter 34- The kids are trying to break out of the school. They sit around telling some stories of things that have happened previously. And Kat apparantly is not a lesbian, the other kids just think she is.

Chapter 35- Little confused as to what’s going on but I’m sure its because I haven’t read the earlier volumes. Amusing when Pear cuts a Robot and Shadow in half with a sword. I think its adorable how Shadow and Robot really love each other.

Chapter 36- Shadow is going to go study with the students from the forrest. An interesting bunch.Red gets a name. I suspect this issue would make more sense if I had read the other volumes first. Character guide at the end of this issue is funny though not particularly helpful if you don’t know them. You have to see it to understand.

Chapter 37- In which Annie gets a message from her father and I am introduced to Kat’s father (since i haven’t read the series before).

Chapter 38-- Annie collapses for some reason and Zimmy (I think) is trying to help her in her dreams. I’m confused why she keeps calling Annie Carver though.

Chapter 39- In which Annie is summoned by the Coyote to the forest to tell stories

Chapter 40- boring story of history of one of the teachers

41- robot is attacked and kidnapped. Annie and kat now sharing a room and kat gets a love letter. New medium is announced