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Lumberjanes #30

Lumberjanes #30 - Leyh Kat, Carey Pietsch, Shannon Watters

5 Stars, Buy it


And with this issue, I’m all caught up! The rest of the girls set out to try to rescue Mal and Ripley. Great issue and it leaves us all on a cliff hanger. I have to wait another month for another issue? NNOOOOOO!!! The writing is still fantastic, I can’t get enough of the characters, really like the story line. Great series.


Amazon Description: Mal and Ripley are MISSING?!

Characters for my reference


April- Short red head girl

Jen- dark skinned camp counselor

Jo- tall kid

Mal: Dark haired girl with half shaved head

Molly: Blond haired girl

Ripley: Short brunet with headband around her head and blue streak in hair

Rosie- head of camp. Constantly calls Jen Jane. Very cool.

Diane- girl from another cabin at the camp, black hair Apparently the sister of Jo.

Bubbles- Molly’s raccoon hat who happens to be a live raccoon

Barney- Boy from boys camp that they run into a lot