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Lumberjanes #24

Lumberjanes #24 - Leyh Kat, Carey Pietsch, Shannon Watters

5 Stars, Buy it


I love the kiss between Molly and Mal. They make such a great couple. And I love how it’s no big deal to anyone. This is a great finally to the story arc.  I love the selkies and I love how it ended with everyone making up.  Onward to the next story arc.  Love me some Lumberjanes!


Quotes: “I”m not attacking, I’m Ripley!”

Amazon Description: The Lumberjanes wrap up their adventure with Seafarin’ Karen and Molly gains a greater understanding of shapeshifters.


Characters for my reference


April- Short red head girl

Jen- dark skinned camp counselor

Jo- tall kid

Mal: Dark haired girl with half shaved head

Molly: Blond haired girl

Ripley: Short brunet with headband around her head and blue streak in hair

Rosie- head of camp. Constantly calls Jen Jane. Very cool.

Diane- girl from another cabin at the camp, black hair Apparently the sister of Jo.

Bubbles- Molly’s raccoon hat who happens to be a live raccoon

Barney- Boy from boys camp that they run into a lot