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Lumberjanes #13

Lumberjanes #13 - Shannon Waters,  Noelle Stevenson, Brooke Allen

5 Stars, Buy it


In which we learn about the girls and how they ended up at the camp.  Jo has two fathers. YEAY for LGBT characters (I know I keep saying that). Ripley is from an interracial (YEAY) family with lots of kids. April is the daughter of an elderly looking gentleman. April and Ripley bond. Mal isn’t shown with her family, she just shows up in a taxi. April is the reason Ripley has a blue streak in her hair. The girls end up having their first adventure not long after all meeting up in the cabin they share. They end up meeting Bubbles the raccoon. Molly and Bubbles end up being friends.


Just as awesome as all of the previous issues. This series is just freaking amazing.

Characters for my reference


April- Short red head girl

Jen- dark skinned camp counselor

Jo- tall kid

Mal: Dark haired girl with half shaved head

Molly: Blond haired girl

Ripley: Short brunet with headband around her head and blue streak in hair

Rosie- head of camp. Constantly calls Jen Jane. Very cool.

Diane- girl from another cabin at the camp, black hair Apparently the sister of Jo.

Bubbles- Molly’s raccoon hat who happens to be a live raccoon