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Lumberjanes Volume 3

Lumberjanes Vol. 3 - Shannon Waters, Carolyn Nowak,  Noelle Stevenson, Faith Erin Hicks, Various



5 Stars, Buy it


Overall: Despite starting with an issue I didn’t like very much, i still want to give this volume 5 stars.  I loved it a lot.  They are funny and delightful.  This is such a great read.  After this I’ll be going back to re reading the individual issues again.


Notes: Issue  9 Starts with a different illustrator because Jen is telling a story.    I hope I’m not at the point already where the new illustrator takes over.  Anyway the girls are telling ghost stories and as they are doing so, a different illustrator takes over.  I’m not terribly thrilled with this issue so I’m kind of skimming the stories. When the girls are done with their stories the bear lady appears. 3 stars for this chapter/issue. Issue 10 the girls get a free day at camp. Molly and Mal go off on their own. Ah hem. LOL. The rest of the girls are just hanging out. The Bear lady appears. Ripley  and bubbles are dancing in the background of some scenes and it’s hysterical. There are some dinosaurs and total funness ensues but it ends kind of abrubtly. But this issue was much better than issue 9 which was just a fluke I suppose.  Issue 11. We pick up where 10 left off. I absolutely love this issue.  Chapter/Issue 12: Mal and Molly have a plan to get back to reality. Meanwhile the other girls are still trying to earn a normal badge.  Another fabulous issue.  And of course there is a cover gallery at the end.

Characters for my reference


April- Short red head girl

Jen- dark skinned camp counselor

Jo- tall kid

Mal: Dark haired girl with half shaved head

Molly: Blond haired girl

Ripley: Short brunet with headband around her head and blue streak in hair

Rosie- head of camp. Constantly calls Jen Jane. Very cool.

Diane- girl from another cabin at the camp, black hair Apparently the sister of Jo.

Bubbles- Molly’s raccoon hat who happens to be a live raccoon