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The Autumnlands Tooth and Claw #11

The Autumnlands: Tooth & Claw #11 - Benjamin Dewey, Jordie Bellaire, Kurt Busiek

5 Stars, buy it


This time the story cover as I’ve come to call these random book cover inserts that they put into the comic contains some dialogue. I don’t always read these pages but I usually skim to see if it’s anything important and it seemed relevant this time. The goats and Dusty and the Champion are all in the middle of fighting when this issue begins.  A goat ends up joining Dusty and the champion in the search for answers on what is going on. They find some more mysterious woman beings.  Ok so maybe this does deserve the Mature rating afterall.  Anyway the issue ends a bit abrubtly with the mysterious women asking to die.  Very strange, but good issue.  I think I have one more issue and I’ll be caught up with this series.

List of characters for my reference.


Bhord- Pug dog who is grey


Councillor Sandorst- is the owl

Dunstan/Dusty- White dog/terrier

Gharta- is the warthog

Goodfoot- fox/coyote

Gutruk- walrus I think

Leahroyd- the champion (and only human)

Lord Tallon- Bald Eagle

Affa- Giraffe