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The Autumnlands: Tooth and Claw #8

The Autumnlands: Tooth & Claw #8 - Jordie Bellaire, Ben Dewey, Kurt Busiek

4.5 Stars


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This starts out weird with the Champion sneaking off away from Dusty to find a strange woman who gives him odd clothing  and food. After that weird beginning it gets better. They come across some goats who think they are wizards and they get into a fight. After which they run into some sheep and there the issue ends.  I found this issue to be a bit on the boring side because the beginning was so weird and then there was just fighting. Nothing with the other characters in this issue.  But that being said, it’s still a wonderful comic.The only way this series would get better is if they had talking Meerkats. LOL.

List of characters for my reference.


Bhord- Pug dog who is grey


Councillor Sandorst- is the owl

Dunstan/Dusty- White dog/terrier

Gharta- is the warthog

Goodfoot- fox/coyote

Gutruk- walrus I think

Leahroyd- the champion (and only human)

Lord Tallon- Bald Eagle

Affa- Giraffe