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Autumnlands: Tooth and Claw #7

The Autumnlands: Tooth & Claw #7 - Jordie Bellaire, Ben Dewey, Kurt Busiek


5 Stars, Buy  it

This time, reading the “cover page” that is usually a page or two in gave a little summary. It was a little useful.  In this issue we are introduced to Lord Tallon, who is a bald eagle. Lord Tallon seems to be taking control of the crazy situation. Also, it turns out Dusty hasn’t died, he just went into the water to go after the champion. We learn about Hatsas which is magic that infuses everything and it is this magic that the people are losing.   Those are the major highlights of this issue.  I love that the comic continues to be consistent art wise and story wise.  I love everything about this comic and wish more people read it so I could discuss with them.

List of characters for my reference.


Bhord- Pug dog who is grey


Councillor Sandorst- is the owl

Dunstan/Dusty- White dog/terrier

Gharta- is the warthog

Goodfoot- fox/coyote

Gutruk- walrus I think

Leahroyd- the champion (and only human)

Lord Tallon- Bald Eagle

Affa- Giraffe