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Fiction Squad

Fiction Squad - Ramón F. Bachs, Paul Jenkins, Humberto Ramos


I purchased this via Kickstarter. Hardback. The book is physically gorgeous. Great cover and the pages are silky. The story takes place in Fablewood which is home to all stories that ever been told. I love the references to other nursery rimes. I love the art. 5 stars for art. The puns are fun. That being said the story was only so so and got confusing at the end. It also dragged on and on. 3 stars for story. I guess that would give this a 4 star rating but that seems to high. 3.5 stars it is. I really wish I had liked this more especially since I waited so long to get this book.

Chapter 1 humpty dumpy is pushed off a wall in the city of Rimes. Frankie is investigating. Frankie is a detective from a pulp story who crossed over to the nursery rhyme (or Rime) division. At the end of chapter 1, someone drops a house on a wicked witch and its up to Frankie to investigate. Chapter 2- Humpty Dumpty is being set up for killing the witch. Chapter 3- the plot thickens. All hell breaks loose when simple Simon misunderstands something Frankie says. Chapter 4 Frankie gets set up. I hate stuff like that. It makes me anxious. In chapter 5 we learn who has been manipulating everyone. But it's a very confusing chapter. Chapter 6 ties everything up but I didn't finish it because I felt like it was going on and on and wouldn't end.