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Rat Queens Vol. 2

Rat Queens Vol. 2: The Far Reaching Tentacles of N'Rygoth - Kurtis J. Wiebe

5 Stars, Buy it


Overall, extremely good.  This was all a reread for me to get back into the story line. Art fantastic, story fantastic. Great comic series you really need to read. But you must like cussing, nudity and violence.


Chapter or issue 6 definitely has some plot twists. No really funny lines in this issue but the writing is still wonderful. We learn more about Dee. Issue 7: We find more out about Dee who up to this point has been pretty mysterious.  As of this point Sawyer is still alive but getting torchured. There is nudity and cursing as per usual.  Issue 8: In which we finally get to see Violet’s beard. Most of this issue is a flashback, but we learn more about Violet. Issue 9:Hannas has a flashback to her mother like Violet’s flashback included her mother. Part of this issue was confusing, though it was on purpose. Everyone rallies to rescue Sawyer.  Issue 10: This issue starts with a flashback to Hannah’s university days when she meets Tizzie who is part of another mercenary band. More fighting to rescue Sawyer and more flashbacks.  Of course everything ends happily but then at the very end there is a bit of cliffhanger.  

Quotes: “Reverse what Dicksniff?”

“I look like decade old dickbread”

“Penis not helping”