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Cleopatra in Space #3

Secret of the Time Tablets (Cleopatra in Space #3) - Mike Maihack

It starts a bit oddly like dropping you in the middle of the story. Turns out it's a dream. It's hard to have been away from reviewing books for a year.Ive forgotten series I knew so well. This one I couldn't remember where I had left off. I of course love the talking cat still. I love that Cleopatra is a strong young female character. I love how she sneaks in a rug to the city- a reference to how she sneaks in to Mark Anthony's room. Or was it Caesar? I love the artwork, it's very consistent. I love all the aliens artwork. The art and overall concept gets 5 stars.

The story I'm not so sure about it. I find it confusing but it could be because it's been so long since I've read it. I could have used a refresher. The story does have a dark side which I wasn't expecting. And this issue definitely furthered things along. However it was still confusing so I give the story 3 stars. I'll give the issue 4 stars. When the next issue comes out I'll have to go back and reread them all.