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A Shiver of Light

A Shiver of Light - Laurell K. Hamilton

3 Stars, borrow it.


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This book is slow moving. Parts are very repetitive of other books. However, that being said, I’m still curious to know what is going on with everyone.  At the beginning of the book, Meredith gives birth and we are introduced to the children. It takes too many chapters for them to get out of the hospital though. The plot is almost non existent. Basically Meredith and her men move from room to room through the mansion and in each room some minor thing happens.   Finally, at the end (almost literally at 90%) a HUGE thing happens (which i won’t ruin for you) that makes it worth finishing the book.


Normally, I give books I like either 4 or 5’s. I don’t give as many 3’s because if I don’t really like a book, I tend not to finish it.  This is one of those rare cases in which I finished a rated 3 book, because I loved the series at first and really wanted to know what happens with the character.  It’s worth reading if you like  the series but Laurell K. Hamilton is definitely trying way too hard to churn out as many books as she can.  I was pretty disappointed with this book up until the end, but even with that drama, it couldn’t raise the rating.