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Wind/Pinball: Two Early Novels

Wind/Pinball: Two novels - Ted Goossen, Haruki Murakami

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Normally, I have a thing about reading introductions, they usually just bore the crap out of me. But this is a Murakami book. He’s my favorite author at the moment. It was interesting to read for a change (probably because I like his writing so much). My only issue was that it was a weird switch from reading about the author and writing and then starting one of the two stories in the book which deals with a writer. It confused me for a moment or two. This book is two early stories of Murakami combined into a book.


Hear the Wind Sing- a little novella about a young man (whom I think is a writer?). Of course there is mention of music and cats and mysterious women. Oh, and Wells.. You can definitely see Murakami’s style starting to develop here.


Pinball- a sort of continuation of Hear the wind. Another weird beginning. Very strange stories but of course Murakami is like that.


Good stories, and definitely has all the elements of a Murakami novel.  But they are his beginning works and you can definitely tell.