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Kiss the Dead - Laurell K. Hamilton The Thief and the Sword (Cleopatra in Space) - Mike Maihack Otherland: City of Golden Shadow Volume One - Tad Williams Victoria Victorious: The Story of Queen Victoria - Jean Plaidy Gone with the Wind - Margaret Mitchell

We are rapidly approaching the end of June. I really can't do all my stats yet, but I may as well do my purchases post.  Just a little explanation of them....


1. Kiss the Dead by  Laurell K. Hamilton-- Love her work, at least when it was new. I stopped reading, not because of the sex (i don't mind a lot of sex in books though I dont' read romance) but because some of the stories were just awful. I decided to give this one a try though.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed it isn't too bad.


2. The Thief and the Sword, Cleopatra - this is actually a graphic novel. Not sure what's up with the image above. I liked the first volume so wanted to read this one too.


3. Otherland by Tad Williams- I recently tried to read another old one of Tad Williams and just couldn't do it. I may attempt this one soon but I fear it may not be as good as I recall.


4. Victoria Victorious by Jean Plaidy- My favorite historical fiction writer is jean plaidy. I really wanted to re-read this on my kindle so I got this for my kindle. I have an ongoing challenge with myself to reread all her books.


5. Gone with the Wind by Margarett Mitchell- A favorite of mine from childhood. I wanted to reread it as I was having lots of bad luck with books lately. Repurchased for my Kindle.