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2 More things I wish Booklikes would do

I really wish we could export our reviews.  I do have a regular book blogging blog but don't want to spend money on it. Since no one really goes to it anyway, I don't think I want to keep it up. But until I can export my reviews from Booklikes I think I may keep it.  I wanted to do more with my book blog, but having a little kid keeps me from doing as much as I'd want.  I'm a bit tired of putting my reviews in like 3 different places but I'm afraid I'm going to loose my reviews and won't be able to export.


My other wishlist of Booklikes things I'm waiting on, is a plug in for leafmarks like booklikes has for goodreads.  It would make my life so much easier if I didn't have to update 3 different sites.


I'm sure I have more wishlists, but these are the biggest ones I want at the moment.


Also kinda hoping Booklikes sees this post.