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Gotham City Sirens #20

Gotham City Sirens #20 - Peter Calloway

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Most of the issues of Gotham City Sirens up until this point had been pretty decent.  This is the lowest rating I’ve given any of them (I think). This is all about Harley going after the Joker. Nothing with Catwoman or Poison Ivy, which I really think was the point of this series.  While this wasn’t terrible, it still needed work. I felt like it was disjointed in places and the digital jumps didn’t seem to work right in all of the places. I will keep reading them as I think I got all of them but if they get worse, I may give up on them.


Description (Comixology): "Hell Hath No Fury" part 1! Harley Quinn heads to Arkham Asylum, but this time she's breaking in to find Joker and pay him back for all the abuse he's dished out over the years. Can the Sirens rein her in before it's too late, or will Harley have the last laugh?