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The Antler Boy and Other Stories

The Antler Boy and Other Stories - Jake Parker, Jake Parker


4.5 Stars, Buy it

I think I mainly picked this out because I love, love, love the cover. Another reason is that I love the Missle Mouse books and this writer/illustrator.  I really wish that some of these stories could be expanded into their own graphic novels. I loved most of the stories. Highly recommend this.


Hugo Earheart  - cute little story of a boy who goes around on a flying whale and has a pig with wings for a friend and they deliver packages. Very sweet and well done. 5 Stars story and art.


The Robot and the Sparrow- Another adorable little story about a robot who befriends a sparrow and learns how to dream. 5 Stars, story and art.


Lucy Nova-- Cute story of a woman astronaut who meets an alien who continues to grow everytime he’s attacked. Very sweet and cute 5 stars, art and story


Checkers- A little girl wants to play checkers but everyone is ignoring her. She finds a large pink thing/bunny who wants to play with her. Very sweet. 4 Stars, story and art


The Star thrower- So far my least favorite of the short stories. About a creature throwing astronauts back to earth. 3 Stars, story and art.


Lucy Nova- Another story of the astronaut and her buddy. Cute but not as good as the first one a few stories ago. 4 stars, story and art.


Missle Mouse the Guardian Phrophecy-  Squeel with delight. I love Missle Mouse. In any case he crashes on a planet where he meets an alien. Love this.5 Stars, art and story.


The Antler Boy- A beautiful story of a boy with antlers who helps destroy a giant.  5 Stars, art and story


Hugo Earheart A hard day’s work- Hugo gets called for a relay again while his grandfather expects him to chop a lot of wood.


Secret of the Space Cave- A person finds his way to the space cave to find the answers to life. All the characters from the previous stories make an appearance. The man discovers that everyone is just drawings in a graphic novel. A very cute fun way to end the book. 5 Stars