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Bone Volume 5

Bone, Vol. 5: Rock Jaw, Master of the Eastern Border - Jeff Smith, Steve Hamaker

5 Stars, buy it


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It really is amazing how consistently good this comic is. Art continues to be fabulous and the writing is amazing as well.  Everyone should be reading this series of graphic novels. They are amazing even on the second time around.


Plot/Storyline: I forgot Moby Dick plays a role in this although I've never actually read it. I'd forgotten about Bartleby and how cute he is. In issue two, the opossum children are following Fone Bone and Smileybone. Of course trouble calls and they meet an orphan Racoon. Then more trouble happens and they meet Rockjaw who chases them and they end up trapped high on a ledge. And when things calm down in the final issue, Bartleby ends up going back with rat creature.