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Bone Volume 4 The Dragonslayer

Bone, Vol. 4: The Dragonslayer - Jeff Smith

5 Stars, Buy it


Comixology purchased, re-read


Amazing, just amazing. Even if I’ve read them before.  It’s a great series for young and old. The art work is amazing, the writing is awesome, everything is perfect about this series. Highly recommend for everyone. I honestly can’t remember how the series ends, but I would totally love for Fone Bone and Thorn to end up together.


In the first issue in this volume, grandma is getting the feeling that something bad is going to happen while traveling with Fone bone and Thorn.  Meanwhile, Lucius is furious that Phone Bone is making more money on his half of the bar. In the 2nd issue Bone, Thorn and Grandma are cornered by rat creatures. Issue 3 starts with the stupid rat creatures being hilarious. Fone bone and thorn separate from grandma and return to town to find Phoney Bone in charge. Issue four, thorn is a little mundane but necessary. But ends with Fone Bone sort of getting adopted by a baby rat creature. Issue 5 Lucius returns and finds Phoney bone in charge and is not happy. The rat creatures and mystical group are plotting to come after thorn. Issue 6 Phone Bone is ramping up his latest plot. Thorn goes off on her own, leaving her sword from her grandmother behind. Issue 7 Phoney Bone is trying to pull off his latest ploy- the bug Ted is trying to be Phoney Bone’s concious. Hilariously, Dragon falls into Phoney Bone’s trap. Thorn saves the day.