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Catwoman Volume 1- The Game

Catwoman, Vol. 1: The Game - Judd Winick, Guillem March

5 Stars, Buy it


Self purchase, Kindle edition


First Impression: Wow.


First issue starts with a bang, in more way than one. Batman makes an appearance. Loving this so far. Art is fabulous.  SPOILERS  LOVE that catwoman and batman have sex. Well done sex scenes by the way. The Russian mob is involved with a stolen painting. Catwoman is involved as well.  A big surprise happens and we meet a character named bone. Cat woman gets someone dear to her killed and is caught burning evidence.  Catwoman gets busted.Catwoman and Batman get into a physical altercation. Neither one really wins.


So good. The writing is awesome. Love the Batman makes appearances. I like how complicated Catwoman is and I’m looking forward to learning more about her. I’m curious, is she gay? They sort of hint at it but I’m not sure if its my imagination or not.  I highly recommend the author and artist, both are fantastic. I already have volume 2 waiting for me on my kindle.