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Fairy Quest: Outlaws

Fairy Quest: Outlaws (Fairy Quest, #1) - Paul Jenkins, Humberto Ramos, Leonardo Olea

Overall: 2.5 Stars, Bombed!!


Star Rating Art:   4 Stars

Star Rating Story: 1 Star


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An alternative version of red riding hood in which Red Riding Hood and the big bad wolf are friends.  Lots of asides with Mr. Grimm issuing citations for people going off script. Then the comic gets abrubt and all the fairy tale characters are in a boot, sort of having group therapy. Cinderella rats out Red Riding hood to Mr. Grimm and a chase ensues yada yada. I just skimmed the rest.


I really liked the art, it had my favorite characteristics. Art taking up all the pages, not much white. Bright Jewel tone colors. Very nice art. However, the story totally just bombs. It’s a mess. Completely all over the place, jumping back and forth between view points. It’s a really bad version of Fables.   I hate writing negative reviews but honestly this needed an editor. I found it confusing and messy. Blargh.