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Girls Night Out: Tales of New York

Girls Night Out: Tales of New York - Amy Chu

4 Stars. Buy it


Kickstarter, Paperback


It looks like some of the stories are continued from the first issue, which I like.  My rating actually averaged to a 3.6 something. I actually enjoyed this more than the first issue so I decided to round up and give it the same rating as number 1.   Overall, I highly recommend the writers work (Amy Chu). She has a great sense of humor. The artists are different for each story (but the same ones from issue 1 mostly). If you like indie comics. I highly recommend these.  This comic is making me a little sad. Because I was with someone for 8 years and my heart was broken when she left. She is the one who got me into comics. I tried to stay friends with her but she never returned emails or messages on facebook. So I unfriended her. I’m still hurt (Though very happily married) and wish I could talk to her about these comics which I’d think she’d really like. Anyway, here are some short notes on the stories included.


Girls Night Out: All the Single Ladies- A nurse (I assume) breaks some elderly people out of their nursing homes to see the Rockettes. 4 Stars


Bob to the rescue- Continues the story of Bob who reconnects with his dad through online gaming. In the first issue, I rated this 3 stars, but this one I like better. This was was pretty funny. 4 Stars


Something in the Air- This is a new one. Pretty funny too. Mutant animals go on rampage. Really looking forward to third issue which I have. Keeping my fingers crossed there will be a fourth kickstarter for more of these!!! 4 Stars


Saving Abby- This is another continuation story. Turns out, the rescuey is a cat. And the hero is chasing her all over New York city. 4 Stars


A Meta Kind of Day- another new little story.Ok there is something about mutant animals in volume 2 of this!! The commentary along the bottom of the pages are fun too. A person in changed into a giant cockroach. 4 Stars


Serving up Wall Street- Another new story. This one just confused the F out of me. 2 Stars