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Of Things Gone Astray

Of Things Gone Astray - Janina Matthewson

Star Rating:  3 Stars, Borrow


Netgalley Review.


First Impression: Quirky and fun.


Highly original. One character has been raised by two men. YEAY. Another girl is a lesbian.


Plot/Storyline:  I can understand why some people might not like this book. It’s strange and definitely quirky because random weird things happen to people.  The book is comprised of many, many short chapters, each dedicated to one of a handful of people. Each person has something weird going astray (hense the title) in their lives. I think my favorite (SPOILERS) is Cassie who is waiting for her girlfriend to show up at the airport. When she doesn’t, she just sits and waits. And waits. And while she waits she is slowly turning into a tree which attaches to the floor of the airport.  Another character is Ms. Featherby who wakes up one morning to discover that a wall of her house is missing.  A third character, I’m blanking on the name while taking notes for my review, can’t seem to find anywhere she needs to go. A fourth character seems to have literally lost his job. He goes to work but the building is gone. All numbers in his cellphone related to work are gone. I think there are maybe two others but they don’t stand out much.


The book does tend to get a bit tedious and I considered stopping reading it. However, something about this book keeps pulling me along and wanting to read one more bit. And now I’m starting to be glad I’m continuing because the stories are starting to tie together a bit. The ending is a bit flat despite the stories being tied together. While I liked most of the characters, I didn’t get emotionally attached to any of them. I am glad I finished it but it could have been better.


The cover, is really amazing and I’m sure that’s part of the reason I really wanted to read this.