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Runaways, Pride and Joy, Volume 1

Runaways, Vol. 1: Pride and Joy - Adrian Alphona, Brian K. Vaughan

4.5 Stars, buy it


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First Impression: The art is good. And the personalities of teenagers seem pretty realistic.



A group of teenagers discover that their parents are supervillians. They try to report them to the police but it backfires. They discover a secret passage in one of the kids houses, a dinosaur attacks which is how issue 2 ends.  One of the kids discovers she has superpowers. Some of the parents are tracking the kids and then try to blackmail them. Then, one of the kids who hadn’t made much of an appearance yet (Molly) turns out to also have superpowers. At the end of this volume, this kids are hiding out in a cave that one of them had found.


Characters:  My favorite character is Nico.  She’s the different one. In my reality she’d be bisexual. I really like Karolina as well. She is the first one who gets superpowers.


Writing:  The writing is awesome. But you really should expect that since Brian Vaughn (writes Saga) writes or wrote this (not sure if still ongoing or not).


Overall, I really recommend this if you like comics/graphic novels. I already have volume 2 in the series which I hopefully can get to soon.