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The Indispensable Calvin and Hobbes

The Indispensable Calvin and Hobbes - Bill Watterson

Overall 4.5 Stars, Buy it


Star Rating Art: 5 Stars

Star Rating Story:  4 Stars


Self purchase for kindle.


Awesomeness, especially if you have a young child almost the age of Calvin. Man do I love the ones where Hobbes tackles Calvin. Hobbes is too darned cute for words. Wish I had money so I could get a Calvin and Hobbes Tattoo.


Overall, I felt like the strips in this collection were not nearly as good as the ones in the previous collections for kindle. Too many dinosaur and spaceman spiff ones. I also am not a fan of when the cartoonist puts in huge amounts of dialogue.  Of course this still goes under treasured because how can you not love Calvin and Hobbes?  I believe this is the last of collections but I have kindle individual books that I think are not part of the 3 treasuries.  So happy I finally finished this!!!