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Millenium Snow 1

Millennium Snow, Volume 1 - Bisco Hatori

4 Stars, Borrow or Buy


Self purchase for kindle.


I had a hard time trying to decide if this should be in borrow or buy category so I just went with both. Art is really nice but the stories were a bit confusing but I enjoyed them anyway.


Sometimes I think all Manga writers/artists have ADD. I say this because they always seem to be super fast moving and erratic and all over the place.  This is the story of a girl who has heart problems. She meets a vampire and he helps prolonge her life by drinking her blood. Toya is a very rude vampire who keeps calling the girl ugly and stupid. She is a bit insipid but somehow I’m liking this anyway. The talking bat is pretty funny too.  A rival of Toya comes and tries to compete for Chiyuki. And it turns out that guy is a wearwolf.  It has a hint of Twilight in it as there is vampire vs wearwolf.


After the four millenium snow stories, there is a stand alone called A Romance of One Moment. It tells the story of two girls who are best friends. One has parents divorcing. She is the one who has a boy living inside of her heart. He takes over and lets the girl self rest. Later she finds out she had a twin brother who died at birth. I thought this was going to go GLBT way which would have been awesome but it didn’t.  I think I may have liked this one more than the millenium snow stories.