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The Mutts Diaries

The Mutts Diaries - Patrick McDonnell

5 Stars, buy it


Netgalley review on kindle. Though I should add I did pre-order it as well.


This is an edition of Mutts meant to lure in younger readers. Of course I am not but am a huge mutts fan so I had to read this. The formatting is all weird for the kindle, but I’m guessing its because it’s a review copy. But it does make it hard to review properly.  Also, annoying as heck that I constantly have to rotate my kindle for each strip. And it’s not consistantly one way. Oy. And not sure if it's any order as title pages are in the middle of book. Will need to do another review when I get paper book cause this is incredibly frustrating. And then the back page is about ¾ of the way through. ARRGGGG. I can’t review a book like this!


Of course the shelter stories continue to make me weep because they are so touching. The puns are adorable and simple enough for young readers to enjoy them. I also always love the strips when animals are the teachers.  Love little pink sock even if it gets repetitive sometimes. I always want to cry at the tied up bull dog.


So overall, I LOVE this. All the juicy sentiments of Mutts meant for younger readers. The big issue was the kindle formatting and as you can tell from above, it drove me bananas.  I plan on re-reading and re-reviewing when I have a properly formatted kindle or paper copy.