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Recipes for the Dead: Issue 2

Recipes for the Dead: Issue 2 - Vera Greentea, Allison Strom

4.5 Stars, buy it


Kickstarter, Digital Copy (read on iphone)

Love the art. I believe this is considered Manga but not sure. Anyway,  Love the main character whose name which is Twist. She is sweet and young and innocent. In some places, the font/type is hard to read but in others its fine. SPOILERS

A basic summary is this: In the first issue, Twist manages to steal a magical cookbook.  In this second volume, Twist bakes some cookies to impress a boy.  Just as they kiss, a mysterious, bad person arrives and then the issue is over.

(show spoiler)

My only complaint is that the single issues are so short so I just get back into it when it’s over. Highly recommend this series.  At least I know there is one more issue coming and hopefully more in the future!