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Recipes for the Dead Issue 1

Recipes for the Dead: Issue 1 - Ein Lee, Vera Greentea

Overall: 4.5 Stars, buy it

Star Rating Art:  5 Stars

Star Rating Story: 4 Stars


Digital version of kickstarter project. Will eventually get print copy as well.


My favorite thing about the comic is the art. The art just blew me away.  The story is good and cute and promising. This is only issue one. I have issue two already and issue 3 is what is going to come out of the kickstarter.  I saw somewhere someone referring to this as Manga. I supposed it is, but since I’m not heavily familiar with Manga I wouldn’t be able to say for sure.  Veronica is the main character who decides to steal a magical cookbook and her life is changed. I’m looking forward to seeing where this goes and I really hope there will be more than 3 issues. A fun fantasy type comic that is really worth reading.